Social Responsibility


Our targets are: pure contribution to the society as a whole, awareness of the people and building relationships with mutual trust in common good.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is part of a long-term strategy, arising from the company's debt to support society, trying to offer smile and solidarity support to people in need.

ΠΛΕΥΣΗ LOGO Non-profit organization formed for the improvement of living conditions in small and remote border islands in the Aegean sea.

Complete Waste Management

anakiklosiCooperation with a Recycling Management Company within a complete weekly recycling management of used paper and plastic. Recycling procedures are imported across the whole spectrum of activities.

Our company stands by our fellow citizens

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Our company, with particular sensitivity to social issues, has proven that actively supports its fellow citizens in every adversity and difficulty, thus showing its support where there is a need. We actively participated together with 62 other companies in the valuable assistance for the reinforcement of the fire victims of Attica, after the deadly fires in the summer of 2018. We have sent materials to support the earthquake struck island of Samos and actively supported every difficulty of each of our fellow citizens.