Technical Support



katartisi prosopikouThe people of our company are next to you to serve every need you have.

A skillful team of people is available all the operating days and hours to resolve any technical query or problem.

Anything you are asking for with a simple phone call!

  • Advanced and expert guidance on technical issues
  • Resolving any questions about any of your purchases
  • Respond to any problem quickly and directly
  • Updating on new products
  • Tips for your purchases to be functional and profitable

        For all branded dealership products, manufacturers undertake through their dealership the warranty and service of their products. The warranty period varies depending on the manufacturer.

        For private label products distributed by our company we provide guarantee according to the warranty terms of each product. Our company undertakes service of those products exclusively.

        Our partners in the service department will contact you to ask you for more information in order to address the problem. Use all the products properly according to the instructions and for the purpose for which they were designed.