Our company launched KRAUSMANN® power tools on the greek market in 2005. Since the first moment of the promotion of the tools series, we set ourselves the objective of meeting the modern buyer’s needs and we consider his satisfaction as a success.

We are proud to present a wide range of products which is continuously enriched faithfully following the strides in technology combining authenticity with aesthetics and ergonomics with modern design, high quality with the most competitive price with European and international security certifications.

krausmann stands 06
Our company offers the cooperating retail stores a great variety of KRAUSMANN® products with integrated display solutions of the products on display stands.

Extensions of the KRAUSMANN® brand
After the successful Power Tools series, ΚRAUSMANN® expands its field of activity by introducing two product categories in its range:

KRAUSMANN® Dynamic Tools. Provides hand tools and power tool accessories such as rivets, cutting / grinding discs, cutting routers, nuts, paint rollers, etc. and also quality work shoes.

KRAUSMANN® Home Solutions. Provides smart houseware solutions, such as compact vacuum cleaner, hand flashlights and head torches, etc.


Both of the new series of tools and accessories follow the unique design of the KRAUSMANN® new identity with separate packages, boxes, blisters and of course the products remain faithful to the ergonomics and quality that characterizes the entire KRAUSMANN® range. They provide complete solutions covering every need of the professional and the amateur, thus completing the wide range of KRAUSMANN® products.

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