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Our company is responsible for the exclusive distribution of the Meridian International Company products from 2012 until today across the country. In particular, all products bearing the TACTIX® logo such as storage systems, hand tools, hardware materials, as well as the ONSITE® and agricultural products with YARDSMITH® logo.  

All products are distinguished for their unique advantages:

  • Unbeatable ergonomics
  • Unique Functionality
  • Patented innovations
  • Excellent package
  • Excellent presentation

Our company offers at the cooperating retail stores a very wide variety of TACTIX® products, YARDSMITH® and ONSITE® with integrated display solutions of the products on display stands.stand TACTIX resized
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TACTIX® is a leading global label in hand tools, storage systems and accessories, based on ergonomics and functionality. The focus of TACTIX® is to provide the highest quality products available to the professional user. 

tactix 1 The integrated approach of innovation, product development and focus on quality, made TACTIX® one of the fastest growing labels in the tool industry. With its range of products growing rapidly, TACTIX® offers a solution for any demanding task.

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Meridian International Company proudly introduces the new innovative gardening hand tools range under the YARDSMITH® trade mark. The newly designed series is a huge success, winning great praise from customers worldwide. With new design elements, new product innovations, new packaging and color combinations those are that improve YARDSMITH® to a higher level in the industry.

onsite NEW Branded products of Meridian International have increased and continue to increase systematically. The range of hand tools and accessories ONSITE® is dedicated in providing to the DIY (amateur) customers high quality tools at a great price. ONSITE® series is designed to put the right tool for each task in the capable hands of everyday house repair.

 meridian logo ksefINFORMATION ON MERIDIAN

meridian building Meridian International is a company certified with ISO9001, it has successfully established itself since 1992 as a leading organization serving the tools’ and storage systems market.

Its activities have expanded considerably, setting Meridian International as the headquarters of an effective party of group having proven its abilities worldwide in customer service throughout the whole competitive industry.

This achievement is attributed to the synchronized approach of the industry by Meridian International, which follows a collaborative process through internal research and development, design, supplying prospects and operation of the following facilities:

meridian lmMeridian LM

Facilities of 55.000 m2 in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, to produce steel storage products such as shelving and storage systems for the garage. .

meridian ljMeridian LJFacilities of 45.000 m2 in Shanghai for the packaging and distribution coordination.

meridian lyMeridian LY
Facilities of 12.000 m2 in Xinqiao, Shanghai for the production of all plastic products.

toolox sanding

Facilities of 56.000 m2 in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province, for the production of hand tools.

yiyang gardening

Facilities of 16.000 m2 in Longyou, Zhejiang Province for the production of gardening tools.

These activities, combined with our experience in distribution and storage are guaranteeing that Meridian is able to provide a complete solution. The continuous development of storage systems, hand tools and the Meridian accessories is attributed to the innovative research and development of initiative that the team of designers and engineers has. This process ensures the originality and superior product quality, making Meridian a world power in the storage and hand tools industry.

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meridesign perioxesMERIDESIGN, part of Meridian International Company responsible for research and development, founded in 1998 and has branches in the USA, Australia, France and Shanghai. In collaboration with some of the leading design agencies worldwide, it is guaranteeing the strength of its products in the global competitive market and ensures the originality and top quality of Meridian products.

MeriDesign, is dedicated into providing excellence in fundamental product design, engineering innovation, unique label and packaging development combined with ongoing technical support.

Plus, it uses a team of more than 30 engineers and designers who are involved in the coordination and implementation of the fundamental industrial design and in overall project management.


Design philosophy:
Using digital imaging technology, ideas become reality.
Mechanical design: Executed by experts, it provides practical innovative fundamental design.
Graphic design: Develops creative and stylish liked products.
Packaging Design: Effective and targeted to market, guaranteed sales.
Product Advisory: A process of cooperation embodied in every research and development stage.

cyclone awardcertificateDesign and Industry Award:: In 2008, the industry pruning scissors of Yardsmith series has been awarded from Cyclone Industries 
Pty Ltd Design & Industry.

TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH has completed the process of ISO 14001:2004 + Cor.1:2009 and now Meridian Company is certified with ISO9001, with certification number 01 100 085655.