The company PAPADEAS S.A., aiming to offer integrated services in the trade of industrial tools & hardware, is committed to creating relationships of mutual trust with its customers, suppliers and business partners and especially with its staff, in order to ensure the maximum degree of satisfaction of its customers.

Both the management and the staff of our company apply rules with social and environmental responsibility in all sectors and for this reason chose to be certified according to the ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015 standard. Through this standard we aim to strengthen the way of operation and the internal organization of our organization based on the requirements it defines, so that it is possible to continuously improve the level of services offered.

The main goals of our company are:

• Continuous and systematic development of the qualifications and abilities of our human resources with the aim of their professional and personal development, which is achieved through educational programs.
• Recognizing diversity and providing equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, nationality, etc. and managing employees without discrimination.

That is why we ensure every day that:

• We focus on the continuous development of our company, emphasizing the quality of our products and the complete satisfaction of our customers.
• We are committed to complying with the current legislation (Greek and European), standards and regulations relevant to the scope of application.
• ΝWe take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of both our staff and third parties involved in our activities.
• To ensure the appropriate working conditions, the appropriate equipment and the human resources that will guarantee the smooth execution of the work.
• To measure, monitor and evaluate processes so that they can be controlled to enable continuous improvement.

The quality objectives and their corresponding indicators are reviewed during the review of the Quality System by the Company's Management.

The company's Management is committed to fully support the Quality Management System it implements, and provides the required resources, for the implementation of the Quality Policy and the continuous improvement of the company's organization.

The representative of the Company
Date: 30/11/2023