New products ΦOSME® & LINEME®



New products ΦOSME® & LINEME®

ΦOSME® LED bulbs & LED strips

ΦOSME® LED bulbs & LED stripsThe range of LED lamps & energy saving LED FOSME® strips offers many lighting solutions and provides excellent quality and durability for both home and professional use.

The LED technology used in its products ensures high efficiency brightness while the attention of raw materials ensures high quality and reliability. Thus, FOSME® products are ideal for a wide range of applications and provide solutions to the need for lighting of various spaces, whether it is business or home.

LINEME® Plugs & switches

LINEME® Plugs & switchesThe series of LINEME® plugs & switches has a range of products for all applications and can cover all the necessary functions in a home or business.

The unique design balances harmoniously in any space regardless of style and the exceptional quality materials create a perfect combination of aesthetics, reliability and safety. In LINEME® switch hardware products, high quality materials are used, so that they meet all safety standards.

The metal parts are made of specially treated high-strength metal, for absolute strength and are painted with electrostatic paint, for maximum durability. All high quality mechanisms have copper shielded safety contacts, dual restraint system, earthing plates of ideal hardness and copper screw power supply contacts.